ADL SYNERGY stands for human essence, individuality, vitality, and creativity.
Our body is not just a sample..
it is a compendium of beauty & every patient will always be a person first.

ADL SYNERGY is the expression of a new contemporary approach within PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY.

The common perception around this field is often linked to a mere aesthetic intervention, placing vanity over self-esteem; besides the massification process is generally inclined towards customizing, and targeting individuals for their aesthetical appearance, all based on bias viewpoints.

ADL SYNERGY aims to develop, progress, and promote a new clinical methodology, unique for each patient’s journey, valuing the profound benefits brought to light by the connection between Health, Wellbeing, Culture and Art.

A team of doctors and healthcare staff working with professional consultants, scientists, therapists; and also, artists such as musicians, performers, architects, photographers, interior designers, will offer and support the ideals of this comprehensive awareness in its distinctive approach.

Our Philosophy


A creative and artistic habitat, and the influence of music and performative arts will develop and affect society in terms of health and well-being, encouraging social cohesion, reducing health-related stigma and engaging health communication, supporting caregiving, reducing impact of trauma, the risk of cognitive decline, frailty, and premature mortality. Arts helps with management of noncommunicable disease, such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease, encourages health-promoting behaviours, and support people experiencing mental illness. Thus, our focus is specifically orientated on the results derived by the contribution and the benefits of arts over several levels.